Who We Are

Fun Ship
's Center

A place where all children are welcomed...

...their identities affirmed, and their minds challenged.

A place for children to be children, learning about the world around them while having fun. (PSST. It’s a good thing when they come home and, when you ask them what they did a school today, they say they played all day.) 

A Preschool where children learn all the things they need to know before starting kindergarten. 

A place where children of all backgrounds, races, and ethnicities are allowed to be the children that they all are.

A loving home away from home where smiles are abundant and love is plentiful.

Fun Ship Children’s Center's Preschool Program is dedicated to preparing every child for success in kindergarten – no matter where they go to school. Your child will at least learn these Common Core standards:
recognize all of the shapes,
sort and categorize,
think critically and logically, and
get along with others.
write all of the capital letters,
recognize all of the lowercase letters,
write their own name in title case,
count to 100,
work out conflicts with peers, 
and much, much more!
We will teach the children as much as they are ready and willing to learn!
Fun Ship Children’s Center is dedicated to preparing young children for success in kindergarten and through their entire educational careers, laying the groundwork for more successful adults.

Our Curriculum

We follow the curriculum “Learn Every Day” by Kaplan which addresses all of the developmental milestones the State of California has determined a successful child should know before starting kindergarten as outlined in their Desired Results Developmental Profile.
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